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Jikoen Hongwanji Lumbini Preschool!


Located in the heart of Kalihi, Lumbini Preschool is here to meet your child’s educational and daycare needs. We look forward to educating your precious keiki.


Jikoen Hongwanji Lumbini Preschool is a non-profit organization founded the Jikoen Hongwanji Mission Kyodan. The temple was established in 1938 and is the owner of Lumbini Preschool. Jikoen Hongwanji Lumbini Preschool was established in 1964.

The spirit of our preschool is found in the meaning of its name. "Jikoen" means "the Garden where the Light of Compassion Blossoms". "Lumbini" refers to the Flower Park where the Baby Buddha was born over 2,500 years ago. It is our profound prayer (Hongwanji) that your child(ren) also will blossom and fulfill their Buddha-nature-to become the most beautiful, loving, caring and appreciative human beings that they can be. May they develop and share their gifts and blessings with all beings.

We look forward to getting to know your child. 


Suzie Nishiyama

Priest, Director

Ms. Suzie has been teaching preschool for over 10 years and has been the Lumbini Preschool Director since 2011. She received her certificate in early childhood education from Honolulu Community College.

西山鈴江​ 僧侶、ダイレクター


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Hawaii State Licensed Group Child Care Center

Jikoen Hongwanji Lumbini Preschool is licensed by the Department of Human Services. The low student/teacher ratio is of a higher standard than required by the State of Hawaii.


Checked and Monitored by

Hawaii Child Care Nutrition Program

Jikoen Hongwanji Lumbini Preschool provides hot meals daily that are prepared on-site in a Department of Health certified kitchen. Our menus are regularly checked by the Hawaii Child Care Nutrition Program to ensure your child is eating a balanced meal.

慈光園本願寺ルンビニ・プリスクールは、ハワイ州栄養プログラム認定の、できたてで暖かい給食を常に提供しています。私たちは子どもたちの「食育」 を、幼稚園で最も優先する課題の一つとして取り組んでいます。

Welcome to all

International and

Multilingual Students

Our school is proud to be one of the most diverse and multicultural preschools in Hawaii.