Our Teachers

Ms. Vangie Bacani

34 years of preschool experience in Hawaii 16 years of which is at Jikoen Lumbini Preschool guiding the Pre-K Class. Bilingual in Ilocano and English.

Head Teacher

Ms. Kathleen Cadiz

Graduated in Early Childhood Education Honolulu Community College with further education at University of Hawaii, 17 Years of Preschool Experience, trained in Curriculum and Program Development.

Lead Teacher

Ms. Letty Rafada

Graduated with a Bachelors of science in Elementary Education and taught at this level for 32 years, Earned some credits in Early Education, Has 11 years of experience working in preschool education.

Lead Teacher

Ms. Emi Foltz

Bilingual in Japanese and English. More than six years to help educate the children. It is such a pleasure to see the children reach important milestones and build their confidence!


Ms. Karen Caraang

Born and raised in Hawaii. 

Jikoen Lumbini Preschool staff member as a Teacher's Assistant for over 5 years. Experience with all age groups (2-5 years old).


Ms. Keiko Kwan

Bilingual in Japanese and English. Born and raised in Japan and living in Hawaii since 8 years. 

Playing with kids and seeing their smile is a great joy!


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Our Programs

Honey Bee

2-3 Years Old

As a two-year old, your child is part of our Honey Bee class. His/her safety in the classroom is our top priority. We enjoy using communication and trust to establish relationships with you and your child to meet this priority. We consider trust and safety essential to your child's growth and development.

Curious Kitten

3-4 Years Old

Here your child will continue to practice the routines and rituals of coming to school. Our classroom provides some experiences to put your child's energy towards constructive endeavors like language, writing and social skills. The curriculum is based on themes that are incorporated with activities and lessons. 

Panda Bear

4-5 Years Old

Pre-K Curriculum is geared toward developmentally appropriate activities to enhance their social, physical, emotional and cognitive development like self-expression through art, make believe, play fine and gross motor skills, language art skills, math, music, science and others.

Class Schedule

6:45-8:00                  Indoor center time     

8:00-8:10                  Bathroom

8:10-8:20                  Morning Snack

8:20-8:35                  Welcome Circle Time

8:35                           Potty Trainers/

                                  Music & Movement

8:45-9:45                  Outdoor Play Time

9:30                           Water Break/Bathroom

(Monday)                  Sandbox

(Thursday)                      Trikes

9:45-10:00                 Curriculum Circle Time

10:00-10:35               Activity / Indoor Play

10:35-10:50                Handwashing for Lunch

10:45-11:15                  Lunch time

11:15-11:30                   Bathroom

11:30-1:45                    Naptime

1:45-2:00                    Wake Up / Bathroom

2:10-2:30                    Afternoon Snack

2:30-3:00                    Indoor Centers

3:00-3:10                    Bathroom

3:15-4:00                    Outdoor Play Time

4:00-4:10                    Bathroom

4:10-5:30                    Video / Indoor Centers

5:30                             School Closes

Class Schedule

6:45-8:00                      Indoor center time

8:00-8:20                      Transition Time / Handwashing

8:20-8:50                      Bathroom

8:50-9:00                      Morning Snack

9:00-10:00                    Morning Circle /                                                      Curriculum Time /

                                        Indoor Centers

(Monday 9:00-9:30)    Trikes

(Friday 9:00-9:30)       Sandbox

10:00-10:30                   Outdoor Play Time

10:30-10:35                   Bathroom

10:35-11:00                   Cool Down 

11:00-11:20                    Lunch time

11:20-11:30                    Bathroom

11:30-2:00                     Naptime

2:10-2:15                       Wake Up / Bathroom

2:15-2:45                       Afternoon Snack

2:45-3:20                       Afternoon Circle /

                                       Indoor Centers

3:20-3:30                      Transition / Bathroom

3:30-4:10                      Outdoor Play Time

4:10-4:20                      Bathroom

4:20-5:30                      Video / Indoor Centers

5:30                               School Closes

Class Schedule

6:45-8:00                    Indoor center time

8:00-8:20                    Morning Warm Up / Story Time

8:25-8:45                     Handwashing /

                                     Morning Snack

8:45-9:00                    Bathroom                  

9:00-10:35                  Curriculum Time /

                                     Indoor Centers

(Friday 9:00-9:30)      Trikes

10:35-11:00                 Outdoor Play Time /


11:00-11:30                  Lunch time

11:30-11:40                  Bathroom

11:45-2:00                   Naptime

2:00-2:20                    Wake Up / Bathroom

2:20-2:40                     Afternoon Snack

2:40-3:30                     Review Day’s work /

                                      Story Time / Indoor Centers

(Monday 2:50-3:20)    Sand Box

3:30-4:10                     Outdoor Play Time

4:10-4:20                     Bathroom

4:20-5:30                     Video / Indoor Centers

5:30                              School Closes

Our Mission

  1. Use scissors, glue, paint, and other basic art supplies.

  2. Identify letters of the alphabet and be able to write them.

  3. Count and write 0-30.

  4. Write his/her first name with uppercase and lowercase letters.

  5. Classify objects according to size, shape, and quantity.

  6. Speak using complete sentences.

  7. Play independently or focus on one activity with a friend.

  8. Manage personal needs like washing hands, bathroom breaks, cleaning up, and getting dressed.

  9. Learn to be polite such as saying “please”, “thank you”, and “I’m sorry.”

  1. Able to verbalize needs and feelings

  2. Shows ability to adjust to new situations

  3. Actively participates in conversation

  4. Holds pencil in writing position and shows beginning control of writing and drawing tools (pencils, crayons, markers)

  5. Does many complex personal care tasks and routines successfully. 

  6. Counts and recognizes numbers 1 to 10. 

  7. Begins to become familiar with shapes, colors and the alphabet

  8. Sorts objects by shapes and colors. 

  1. Learn to follow the daily school routines and rituals. 

  2. Interact with peers and adults in meaningful ways (trusting relationships)

  3. Develop language skills- the abilities to express and communicate verbally to become more independent

  4. Monitor and correct his or her own behavior

  5. Build up fine and large motor skills (ex: using art tools and riding the trikes.)

  6. Become comfortable with the potty training process at the child's own pace and with guidance from parents. 

Honey Bee

2-3 Years Old

Curious Kitten

3-4 Years Old

Panda Bear

4-5 Years Old

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